10 Amazing Thali’s Of India For Food Lovers Everyone Should Try Once in life


One of the most popular food meals in the amazing thali of India is one of the most disappointing experiences in the Indian restaurant. The fact is that there are so many menu items to choose from to decide on items to order is a painful experience. The right food for those who cannot decide! It also neatly brings together a rich array of dishes that offer every regional Indian dish.

1. Bihar Thali

When I say that Bhojpuri thali is the main ingredient which is used in Sattu / Roasted Bengal Gram flour. Sattu is high in vegetarian rate, the main ingredient in giving energy to Bihar. They have a satty drink for flavor during the summer. Then Bhojpuri meal will include rice, bread, pickle, chutney, lentils and vegetable curry. The most popular street food here is the LT sharpie which I have made for the SLAC Doe check here. Bhojpuri thali has many lovers of dessert but unlike sweet juicy/juicy dessert, we meet in other states of India Bihar is known for its dry desert, often made for festivals, sweets and opportunities are dry Kassar, Ryasiya, Desserts such as clove rags, tikari / Balashahi, Mal pau etc. are famous in this state. There are also a large variety of traditional pithas in Bihar for the North Eastern States. As they love sweets in festivals and occasions in their regular life, they are spicy food lovers like me, the cooking process is kept simple and easy recipe is easy.

Bhojpuri Thali Menu

Dahi Chura

Sattu Ka Paratha

Kadhi bhari


Besan ki sabji/  Besan Ki Machhli

Gurma / raw mango sweet curry


Tikari / Balushahi

Sattu milkshake

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2. Nagaland Thali

nagaland thali by wittyperson.com

The kitchen of Nagaland is one of the most authentic entrants for the wonderful box network, which is eating more interestingly in South Delhi. Nagaland’s Kitchen Green Park is located in the center of the expanse and is mainly known for its excellent service of Naga dishes. There are delicate food dishes from Chinese, Thai, and Naga dishes in the restaurant.

Nagaland’s Special Thali is served with boiled rice, boiled veg, dal & other variants with bamboo shoot.

Nagaland Thali Menu




The plate is very healthy and has fresh elements in it. We are completely tilted from this completely cooked meal. Apart from this, we preferred the simplicity of the place keeping in mind the Nagaland traditions. Adding our food was a fresh “Planters Punch” mocktail which helped us to remove the fatigue of our summer.

3. Assam Thali

Traditional Adam’s Meal starts with “Khar” which can be done in many different ways, traditionally they add skin of dry banana to Khar. Banana skin which normally we throw is dried until they are crisp and powder and stored. Then the powder is used in the saline. The meal ends with the Tanga, which is dried dish which can be prepared with dried fish and a vegetarian version can also be found here, the meal ends with Tamul, which we call south right and Tamubulam and it’s Only the pan happens. A bell called Assimi Kehor uses metal goods to keep food plate.

Assamese thali is one of fev thali in India. Rice is the main food again in the state. Here generally the rice is cooked in advance to the farmers and soaked in buttermilk at night and the next day with mustard oil and some onion cheeks etc. Call in South India Pali Shu is similar to ours. N numbers of the flour take the first place in the sweet, there are many types of backbites created for the festival of Bihu, which is celebrated very beautifully in Adam, some of them – til pitha district flour, bhapatiya pita, Tera Pitha, Jutuli Pitha, Sunga Peeth, KholaSopri Peetha are also mentioned. Fish is a very important component which is considered as the Assamese dish and made generally with Tenga fish the expertise.

Assamese Thali Menu

Amitar Khar

Bilahi Boror Tenga

Lao Aloo Pitika

Lusi/ Lucy

Plain Organic rice

Koldil Bhaaji

Baremehali xaak bhaji

Sanmeholi Chutney

Gooror Payash

4. Orissa Thali

orissa thali by wittyperson.com

Orissa is another beautiful northeastern state, I like food because in it there are many options for both veggies and non-veg lovers but only 6% of the population here are completely vegetarian. Once again, like Assamese, there is also a pota poron. The purpose of making a very intangible flavor to be used in the preparation of all curries and gravy..Kadahi oil is very important for the first meal, but ghee is also preferred by them. is done. Pakkhla is a famous dish which is in the north, but rice, water, curd which grow in Tamil Nadu in the form of overnight, it is called Palayadhu, this is the same and there can be many variations in them in Oria Falka. Avoid leaving it as a population of onion and garlic Brahmins during festivals and fasting.

There are a main course and dessert in an Oriya area. Traditional bread is served as a main course for breakfast and rice, there are varieties of classic Dalma and Oriya splal vegetables for lunch and dinner. In addition to the Parathis and Roti flour, there are famous Orissa snacks. After every meal, sweets are enjoyed and various types of sweet milk are enjoyed here. I have created classic dishes of this state, which we enjoyed for our lunch and it was my favorite state, so I enjoyed all the dishes.

Oriya Thali


Janta Roti


Aloo Posto

Baingan Chatka

Potato Ivy Gourd Chips

Phala Rasgulla



5. Gujarat Thali

gujarati thali by wittyperson.com

I’m coming to one of my fav  State today, yes, the neighboring state of my native and I love the cuisine of Gujarat, and yes, your Kathiawadi dishes are for all of you. I despite its beach area famous for seafood. The state is full of vegetarians because the effects of Jain are high here. Gujarati dishes are from different sections of North Gujarat, Kathiawar, Kach, and Surat, there are different styles of food prepared in this area. For spicy food lovers, it would be best to find Kathiwadi style because they have some spicy dishes, though, in addition to all the areas of Gujarat, sugar is very common. The daily routine of cooked dishes made in Gujarati houses is the varieties of pickles, chasas, and pickles for birds. There are some seasonal foods which are popular in Gujarat such as Kiri no Ras. There is no specific adherence to this state as desserts are usually started in the plate and can be enjoyed in any part of the food. When I say that its variety in Gujarat is for Persia, for which there is nothing to praise food. Generally, some of the feran is eaten as a snack; here bread is called bakir, in which the millet roti is usually done on the plate. Shirand and Dodak packs are very popular in the directors. Gujarati thali is similar to Rajasthan excluding the seasoning level.

There is a peninsula in Kathiawar, Gujarat in Gujarat which is also known as Saurashtra food. There is a high number of vegetarians in this area and they are known for making spicy food. Here are the most popular dish devils, eggplant curry, stuffed chilies, indigenous, Petra, Dhokla, Dhokali and Chunda. Kathiawadi is completely vegetarian and some people do not take out the onion garlic in this area, but for some recipe, they are included in garlic tomatoes chutney. I have tried to bring all the dishes of Kathiawar and some are made in every sphere of Gujarat.

Kathiawadi Thali Menu

Nylon Khaman Dhokla

Raasawala Dhokla

Bajra Bhakri

Methi Thepla

Sev tamata Nu Shaak

Kathiawadi Akha Adad

Kathiawadi Stuffed Onion

Kathiawadi Dhokli Nu Shaak

Ringan Batete Nu Shaak

Gujarati Dal

Dal Dhokli

Khichidi Kadhi

Sukhdi / Gol papdi

6. Karnataka Thali

karnatka thali by wittyperson.com

Today, we descend into Karnataka, originally it was named as the state of Mysore in the beginning. Here are the dishes of both vegetable and non-vegetarians. I personally love this BB Bull Bhatt from this state. It is very famous for its recipes, some of the famous dishes are Zloda Roti, BBB, Aki Roti, Wangi Vent, Devanagari Bunny Dosa, Uppatti. And the very famous and famous masala dosa are from this state. Every Indian food on Kerala leaves every South Indian in which thali is given in a special Kannada dua ota: Apu (salt), kosambari, pickle, palia, gojoo, right, sweet, toove, chitanna, rice, and ghee.

Ghee is usually followed by rice, which is a gourd, mazes or Ketu, Gomu or served properly and some fried dishes like 2-3 serviced desserts and bode are served. The meal ends with yogurt rice, here I have presented the OTA (food) from Karnataka, some traditional dishes can be remembered in this valley, but it was a delicious journey till now that every H.H. All dishes will be liked for every state.

7. Chhattisgarh Thali

chhattisgarh thali by wittyperson.com

Now things are going on for 5 days and I am researching this state because I have learned many new things about tribal and non-tribal people. I am very happy that not only is I learning about recipes but in every state, they also follow the culture. The food of Chattisgarh is divided into tribal and non-tribal. Here you have a plate which is a mix of tribal and non-tribal. The tribes in Chhattisgarh are Gond, Abuj Maria, Bison Horn Maria, Muria, Halba, Bhatra, and Dhawai. In which Raj village is a very popular tribe. Here the family men occupy hunting, fishing, and some art crafts. A very popular city, Bastar is dominated by mostly tribal communities.

While searching, I have read about it and made soup with ragi, you will see the recipe below. A very popular dish among the tribals is the ant chutney, they like them very much for the non-tribal community, among them the most favorite dishes are Jellybi, Rachi Buddi and Pethhes. Jowar, wheat are the basic ingredients and do not forget that rice is a very weak component because you know that “rice bowl of India” is.

Chattisgarhi Thali Menu


Rice pakoras/ Chawal Ke Pakoda

Dehati Vada


Fara  ( Savory)


Mundiya ka pech with Tomato Red chili chutney


Angakar and Paan Roti

Chusela ( Rice poori)

Dals and Kadhi’s

Panchratan Dal/Five jewelled Dal

Dubki Kadhi

Arbi Kadhi

Bhindi Kadhi




Dhoodh Fara / Sweet Fara


Gul Ki Cha

8. Haryana Thali

haryanvi thali by wittyperson.com

Today’s area is from Haryana and I am happy to bring it to my readers. Hariyanvi dishes are called for their simplicity as there are only 2 meals a day in rural areas. Mainly the farmers take two meals daily, come out of the breakfast and go straight for lunch in the evening, in which there is usually a utensil of meal in the gram dough evening meal with millet / bakihhat / some salt green chilies It is prepared like millet, moon or rice khakri.

Breakfast is important for people working in urban areas. Nowadays, they use bread for wheat flour, but before that, it is used to make bread with a buzzer, which is a mixture of barley and gram flour. Lunch is made simple in urban, but there may be some options and options on the dinner menu. It is called as “Land of Roti”, hence the varieties of roti have been enjoyed by the people here. Here in the form of butter/ghee, the curd is always made home and here many types of utensils make a lot of splendid. Buttermilk, lassi, tea, and mangoes are common and they have this special pelvice called Kachi Lassi which is made from milk. Here are the popular dishes Rabari, Bajra Khachi, Teacher Condiments, Mixed Dill, Vegetable Sugar, Kachari Kujari, every Dhania Cholia, Purse Wright, Besan Masala Roti, Bajra Potato Roti, Kheer, and Malpuas.

Haryanvi Thali Menu

Bajra aloo roti

Kachri Ki sabzi

Methi Gajar Ki sabzi

Hara Dhania Cholia

Mixed dal

Kadhi ( without pakoda)

Mithe Chawal

Alsi ki Pinni

Kachi Lassi

Bajra aloo roti

9. Punjabi Thali

punjabi thali by wittyperson.com

I decided to make a simple Punjabi plate, keeping in mind that I had started planning for a very late and weekend, there are only days when I can cook such a comprehensive meal. I already have a North Indian plate, which connects some dishes from the neighboring states and I did not know which state it was related to.

Generally speaking, our kitchen has become so globalized that we do not live for a special meal in our everyday cooking. I mostly add dishes from different states and at times it may be fat for your typical culinary style. I have cooked some of the North Indian Thelis before.

Punjabi Menu

Boondi Raitha
Fresh Salad
Aloo Bhindi Subzi
Matar Paneer Masala
Paneer Butter Masala
Dal Fry
Jeera Rice
Kasuri Methi Ajwain Phulkas
Plain Phulkas
Carrot Seviyan Halwa

10. Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani thali by wittyperson.com

Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajas, is famous for its rich culture. But what makes the state special and popular is its food Rajasthanis love their food and it is clear in their preparation. Datta Bati Churma and Lala Mas are the most famous dishes in the state. Every food enthusiast has tasted it at least once. Your visit to Rajasthan is incomplete if you have not experienced your superb cuisine.

Rajasthani Thali Menu

Dal baati churma

Gatte ki subzi

Laal maans

Ker sangri

Papad ki subzi

Bajra ki roti with lasun chutney



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